Project Summary

The brand communications team at Vertetude is building the Trumari brand for a Seattle company that manufactures and distributes the Lama, an instant foldable display system, in the United States. Trumari is positioned to offer innovative merchandising solutions to manufacturers and retailers nationwide. The team has developed an integrated marketing communications plan to launch this new company. Beginning with the creation of its identity through the design of business papers, catalogs, packaging, Vertetude also manages the development of its advertising and public relations strategy.



Trumari, the company’s unique name, is an ownable brand asset and is registered for trademark and social media.  The name and graphic identity reflects the true marketing potential for this innovative, foldable retail display solution.

Trumari Instant Foldable Displays logo design vertical and support line
Trumari Instant Foldable Displays logo design horizontal
Trumari business cards
Trumari greeting cards for personalized notes to current and future customers


The best way to explain how a Lama Display works is to put it into action. We designed a series of mini Lama displays to demonstrate their creative potential and ease of use. A variety of Lama product samples, including product galleries, yearly retail calendars, desktop lanterns and gumball dispensers  were sent out to potential customers.  Along with the samples, product literature was designed to showcase the versatility of the product and the technical printing expertise of the company.

Trumari Lama Display desktop retail calendar featuring seasonal artwork
Lama Display by Turmari featuring line of products by industry, size and style
Lama Display by Trumari desktop origami display for press kits and customer engagement
Mini brochure front, showing retail display for banking industry and tagline
Mini brochure unfolding second panel, listing Trumari benefits and second word of tagline, “Unfold”
Mini brochure unfolding first panel, showing product packaging and first word of tagline, “Unpack”
Brochure inside spread, with last word of tagline, “Unbelievable”, Lama Display deployment and product samples


The website functions as an online catalog of the many shapes, sizes, and formats for the Lama display. An interactive “build your own” feature allows visitors to play with customizing their own display. Product videos demonstrate key product benefits, including the speed and ease of setting up a Lama display.


The printed catalog was designed to showcase the high-quality printing, special effects and die-cutting options produced in-house by the talented Trumari team.

Lama Displays, kiosk, column, and product shelves

Lama Displays

Lama displays are so much fun to design. We created high-impact examples to show what can be done in different industries, in different formats, shapes and sizes.

From limited offer promotions, to product display to seasonal messaging and product introduction, we developed a series of displays that the Trumari team used as demonstrations in their tradeshow booth and in client presentation.

Working side by side with Trumari, the design and structural engineering teams translated our concepts into working 3-D templates that we used to apply high-impact graphics.


As part of their integrated marketing strategy, we designed a series of digital and print ads to appeal to the creative agencies and designers who design and develop merchandising and promotional campaigns.

Trumari Instant Foldable Displays print advertising for trade magazines
Lama Displays by Trumari animated web advertising illustrating rapid deployment
Trumari Lama Displays grocery fruit bin showing ease of deployment and product shelf strength
Lama Displays by Trumari animated banner ads featuring ease of deployment
Trumari Lama Displays web ad animation illustrating ease of use

Email Campaigns

The Lama Chronicles, the monthly Trumari newsletter, keeps readers up to date on new products, creative design solutions and seasonal merchandising ideas, all using the innovative Lama Display.

Trumari Lama Chronicles email campaign with seasonal products
Trumari Lama monthly email campaign with holiday display ideas

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