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Brand Communications

Our integrated marketing plans are designed for the very specific needs of each client. There is no one-size-fits-all template. Vertetude uses a range of strategies when developing a custom marketing communications plan, including but not limited to:

Brand identity logo and business papers icon

Brand Identity

An ownable and unique name and logo design present a strong first impression of the brand.

Advertising print and digital media icon


Effective ads in all paid media grab attention and get action.

Brand focal points strategy and key messaging icon

Brand Focal Points

Our process to focus on the strategic elements of your brand and build a platform for messaging to key audiences.

Responsive user-friendly website design icon

Web Design

User-friendly, visually appealing sites put relevant and interesting content at the users’ fingertips.

Package design icon


Strategic design commands attention on the shelf and quickly communicates brand position and key differentials.

Infographics for mobile and social media icon


A story’s most important points are communicated quickly and succinctly by visually presenting the data, but only if that design is optimized for all screen sizes. We develop infographics for mobile and social media that are more effective than simply resizing the image.

Collateral design icon


From business papers, brochures, menus, direct mail to any kind of literature or print, we create branded stories to connect with your audiences.

Public relations and brand awareness icon

Public Relations

Working with strategic PR partners, we make sure that newsworthy brand messages are carried through earned media, generating many additional impressions that build awareness over time.

Interactive social media icon

Social Media

Strategic use of social media build interactive brand communities that are dynamic and user-centric.

Community engagement and local markets icon

Neighborhood Marketing

Templates and tactics for communication vehicles deployed in local markets connect the brand to its communities in meaningful and productive ways.

Strategic retail environment merchandising icon


Product placement and strategic messaging throughout the retail environment inspire consumers to consider a product and stimulate its purchase.

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