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12 Marketing Action Steps to Face the Coronavirus Threat

Restaurants, retail and local gathering places in Washington State, across the U.S. and around the world are starting to feel the symptoms of COVID-19 — fewer customers, decreased revenue and interrupted supply chains. As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases tick...

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Fear of Failure or Courage of Success

We talk about fear of failure all the time in startup world. The trauma of failure, the stigma, the set-backs. Sometimes the discussion turns to the power of failure. Fail fast, fail often. You can’t fail if you learn from your mistakes. We celebrate...

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Designing Solutions For The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Pascha will be representing Accelement at a panel discussion around designing solutions for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. She will be describing how Accelement, through its coaches and mentors, helps prepare entrepreneurs involved in the startup ecosystem. She and...

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Telling a Story That’s Just Right

Congratulations, entrepreneur. You’ve built a new product, engineered great features, and verified product market fit. You’re ready to tell the world about all the hard work you’ve done, and sell what you’ve made. But before you hit the send button, let’s stop for a...

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