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Vertetude is a creative services company specializing in integrated marketing for consumer brands and retail concepts. Our marketing communication strategies energize the brand story and deliver a consumer experience that resonates. We create relevant and compelling messages and environments which connect with key audiences to build awareness, trial, and increase sales.

Vertetude offers a spectrum of marketing, merchandising and retail design under one roof, integrating them with a strategic, holistic point of view.

Illustration composition of brand communications and retail design

Brand Communications and Retail Design

Vertetude believes that successful retail concepts fully integrate brand communications with store design. Vertetude harnesses the inherent tension between permanent structures and constantly changing merchandising, serving as a creative catalyst to produce intriguing and dynamic retail spaces.

Vibrant retail is at the center of a thriving community. Retailers who make an emotional connection with customers, inspiring them to take action and buy unique goods and services with enduring value, are better positioned to prosper.

Great retailers accomplish this by forging novel approaches in their product categories, differentiating from their competitors and gaining market share. Vertetude delivers strategic, high-impact, cost-effective and sustainable creative solutions for all aspects of brand development.

By working closely with our clients, we address their marketing, merchandising, store design, environmental and operational requirements in every stage of the project. We pride ourselves on long-standing working relationships with our clients, vendors and our team.

To build integrated marketing plans for our clients, we start by communicating the brand differentials that make the concept special and distinguishable from competitors.

Messages are designed specifically for each communications vehicle. The story may be tailored differently for each audience or communication piece, but an element of the overarching strategy is expressed every time.

No design is created for its own sake; every piece is developed with brand positioning goals in mind. As the brand grows and momentum builds, we evaluate the marketing mix and fine-tune the plan to prioritize resources for the most effective communication tools.

Illustration of sustainable building

A Sustainable Approach

Folding sustainability into the brand planning process helps carry retail concepts into the future with purpose and promise. We build innovative, environmentally conscious and profitable retail concepts with a focus on environmentally responsible practices. The founding partners are accredited professionals in the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), an internationally recognized, sustainable building certification system. We use these principles as a starting point to create spaces and materials that use energy and resources as efficiently as possible.

Illustration of suburban and urban community

A Commitment to the Community

At the heart of each community is a network of people, connected by intersecting interests, talents and passion. Their commitment and generosity in giving time and resources to others helps build a thriving, caring society. As part of our business mission, Vertetude provides support to philanthropic organizations by building communication and brand development strategies that tell their stories effectively, too. When these groups succeed in their missions, our communities are strengthened and we all benefit.

Illustration of Seattle urban landscape and Seattle skyline

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